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Valentine’s Engagement Photos


♥  Valentine’s engagement photos are a unique way to document one stage of your relationship. I do believe that relationships are important and require work. In order for a relationship to grow and thrive it is imperative to do special things for one another. Valentine’s Day is a good time to remember to invest in your relationship. Many people get engaged at this time of the year as it is a day set apart to celebrate love. This is a great time to book Valentine’s Engagement Photos so you can document this romantic and special time in your lives. Love is in the air and you can certainly show this in your photos. There are many ways that you and your partner can get creative during your photo session.You can include red heart with the snow in the background. Red, or pink hearts scattered around you, really anything red, pink or colourful will show up nicely in the engagement photos. You can make it very unique to you and your fiance by choosing a theme and a location that says something about you. Be unique, creative and express your love in creative ways. I am happy to work with your creative ideas and provide you with suggestions and ideas if you need to. Feel free to contact me and will set up a meeting. I’ve put together a few sample photos for inspiration. Enjoy!

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