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Engagement photo session. Do I need one?

Engagement Photo Session. Do I need one?

♥ Have you ever felt that engagement photo session are a waste of time? I’ve heard it countless times. Many couples may feel that this is an unnecessary commitment at a very busy time leading up to their Big Day. However, from experience, my couples have shared with me that the engagement photo session was the best way to establish the connection, and ease the stress of getting in front of a camera.

It’s a worthy investment and here’s why:

  • Experiment! It is the chance to try out your hair and makeup artists before the actual wedding. This would be a good time to see how your chosen style will be captured and work out any changes before the wedding day. You’ll also get a practice run of how it feels to be on a professional photo shoot.
  • Keepsake! To capture this moment in time! Photos are not just for ‘the now’ but are time capsules of the love and commitment that you have made, both for now and for new generations to see. Imagine sitting on the couch with your kids or even grandkids telling stories, sharing moments while showing these precious photos from your engagement photo session!
  • Get “engaged”! Engagement photo sessions are a great way to interact with your wedding photographer prior to the wedding day. It’s an opportunity for us to collaborate, get to know each other more and find out what’s the best approach for you in front of the camera. Do you need direction on how to “pose”? Or is it best all candid for you?
  • Fun Date! Remember that first date? The engagement photo session is not all about the pictures. You will be spending fun time with your best friend, doing what you love and falling in love all over again.
  • Showcase! Share, display, print invitations and tell the world, with creative images, how precious your relationship is!

engagement photo session
engagement photo session


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