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Tips on How to Prepare for Engagement Photo Sessions

Tips on How to Prepare for Engagement Photo Sessions

 Congratulations!  You just booked an Engagement Photo Session and you’re excited, but then questions begin to surface: What do we wear? Which location do we choose? Do I need makeup? Will the camera know I am not “photogenic”! What’s included in the session? When do I get my photos? Don’t worry, I’m here to help. Let me share some helpful suggestions and let’s start the planning early.

THEME – The first step is to think of a THEME.  A Theme reflects who you are as a couple. What do you enjoy doing together? Are you outdoorsy and like hiking? Or are you urbanites who enjoy city energy and architecture? Are you into books and reading? Or is there a particular sport that captivates you? Select a theme that says something about you first. Once you choose a theme, it is much easier to figure out a location.

LOCATION – A nearby park might be your favourite spot. The city might be your playground or a vintage music studio might say a lot about you. After deciding on a Theme, pick a location that captures that theme. I’ll be more than happy to make helpful suggestions as well. While outdoor location in natural light is ideal, ALWAYS consider plan B with an indoor location, just in case the weather is not what you have hoped for. If you’re adventurous and want a shoot in the rain or on a snowy day, I’m all game, but make sure it’s what you want and you’re up for it.

WHAT TO WEAR If you’re working with a theme and have already selected a location, choose the type of clothing that compliment the theme and tells the story of what you’re doing.  Are you on a trail?  Then go casual and fun.  Are you going out for dinner in a nice restaurant? Dress elegant.  Maybe you’re going to be on an ice rink, or tobaggan hill? Wear colourful mittens and hats.  Are you playing soccer at that park? Wear fun casual wear. Always cater your outfits to the type of activity you want to incorporate into your photo session.

  • Dress comfortably, but elegantly. Wear what makes you feel confident and happy. Avoid baggy apparel, flip-flops , oversized, too tight or transparent clothing. Avoid sleeveless shirts if you think your arms look too big in pictures.
  • Lively colours are ALWAYS nice. Avoid solid white outfits, they don’t compliment the face, especially if your skin tone is fair.
  • Compliment each other’s colours. If one is wearing an orange shirt, how about the second puts on an orange scarf or socks? That makes for a fun, vibrant picture
  • Makeup, proper hair styling and manicures are necessary. I want you to look your best, even on a hike!
  • Don’t forget:  Shoes are part of the pictures. Wear clean shoes appropriate to the overall theme.

 Don’t forget the rings..!

THE PROCESS – BOOK the dates for the SHOOT and also schedule a VIEWING Session.

THE PHOTO SHOOT – The photo shoot is a fun experience. Most couples I photograph tell me they feel like they are on a date, renewing their love for one another.  This isn’t surprising seeing as for about two hours you’re with your best friend, doing what you love most in a romantic setting. My goal as a photographer is to help you relax, connect with each other and to capture your connection candidly. I will also spend time crafting photographs that will turn into artwork you’d love to decorate your home with and use for Save-The-Date, Wedding Invitations and Keepsake Albums to display on the Wedding Day.

THE VIEWING SESSION – After the shoot it takes about a week-ten days to process, edit the images, and make them ready for viewing. You will then be invited to a viewing session at my home/studio to view the photographs. I will send you some teasers, but for the remaining 50 or so photographs we produce will have to wait for the big reveal..;) Trust me, You don’t want to shortcut that experience!…

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