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Newborn photography | six-day old Emilia

Congratulations to Amanda, Cameron, and their families.

Their newborn baby Emilia arrived just six days ago and is currently filling their home and hearts with precious moments and priceless expressions.

The photoshoot was casual, candid, and easy-going. No-fuss, no props, and almost completely led by Emilia herself.

Grandparents and uncle gathered during a regular visit and I was invited to join and capture authentic moments. The only “prop” was a handmade blanket made by Amanda’s grandma herself.

The setting was the family’s living room where I was given permission to “do what you want”. My only contribution was a simple suggestion to face the windows for natural light and make Emilia as comfortable as can be.

This is my favorite style. I enjoy documentary photography in which moments are captured authentically.

These are a few images from the newborn family photoshoot. Enjoy!


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