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Wedding photographer | How do you find yours!

How to choose a wedding photographer! If you're a bride who values photography, choosing a wedding photographer can be a daunting, somewhat overwhelming task. After all, there are no re-dos and you're spending a lot of money on your wedding. I can imagine the fear and...

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Engagement Photos with a Canoe

Engagement Photos with A Canoe A Canoe?  Yes, why not!  Working with a professional photographer should be a great experience! Your wedding day is just that - one day - and you have a lot riding on it!  That is why your engagement photos can help you develop a...

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Burlington Bridal Show

BURLINGTON BRIDAL SHOW ♥ Burlington Bridal Show | COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS and make the best out of your visit! You are planning for one of the biggest days of your life and attending a Bridal Show is a great way to get ideas to enhance your vision for your big day....

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Is it Important to Print Family Photos?

IS IT IMPORTANT TO PRINT FAMILY PHOTOS ♥  Laurie's thoughts: Is it important to print family photos?  Why bother?  Isn't it better to have them in a digital format?  I have noticed that when people come to my home they usually comment on all the family photos on...

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