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Engagement Photos in Montreal’s Historic Old Port | Tiffany + Yan

Engagement Photos in Montreal’s Historic Old Port | Tiffany + Yan

Tiffany and Yan headed East for their engagement photos in Montreal’s historic Old Port. Unlike Paris, the French-speaking city and Canada’s cultural epicentre is a quick drive, train or plane ride from the GTA.

Century-old buildings line the cobblestone streets of Vieux-Montreal, similar to those seen overseas. European influences are also notably reflected in Montreal’s quaint cafes and bistros, as well as art galleries, trendy boutique hotels, and horse-drawn carriages.

Among them, directly in front of Victoria Square Park, is Montreal’s World Trade Centre. Although the exterior might look like any other building you would expect to see in this metropolitan city, it is certainly not at all common.

Completed in the early 90s, the centre was built with the intention of unifying and preserving the victorian-era buildings. Surrounding a multi-level atrium, the existing facades were integrated with the new. As a result, an indoor city-within-a-city was created, complete with exterior features. For example, ornate street lamps, a reflecting pool, manicured hedges, stone staircases and a sculptured fountain. Additionally, the significantly large skylight ceiling gives a vast view of the skies above. Natural light shines down onto this little indoor village; a grand space that offers refuge from the city’s extreme weather.

While some couples opt for casual engagement photos, Tiffany and Yan chose to dress up for their photo shoot. Tiffany looked beautiful in a sapphire blue high-low gown, while Yan looked equally sharp in his tie-less tailored suit. Their attire was undeniably flawless.

In short, despite being located in a busy area surrounded by a hotel, businesses and a Metro station, Montreal’s World Trade Centre turned out to be a private and intimate engagement session for the pair.




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