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Indoor Winter Engagement Photos in Oakville | Alyssa + Paul

Alyssa + Paul’s Indoor Winter Engagement Photos in Oakville

New homeowners Alyssa + Paul were giddy and playful during their indoor winter engagement photos in Oakville, Ontario. Two exciting new adventures for the couple were being captured: the purchase of their first home together plus their recent engagement. With so much to celebrate, their happiness, enthusiasm and joy radiated in every shot!

On the front steps of their home, you immediately get a sense of their playful nature. Each of them has a personalized NHL house key featuring their favourite rivalling hockey teams – none other than Canada’s original six rivalry, Montreal versus Toronto. Despite Alyssa being a die-hard fan of the Canadiens and Paul’s unwavering support of the Maple Leafs, they’re able to laugh about it. Their love transcends the good old hockey game!

Inside, the bright and open space of their new abode gave them lots of room to dance around. They had Nelly’s 2009 hit Dilemma  playing from their phone while laughing and sipping red wine among the twinkle of tea lights and tapered candles in their living room. At dusk, the two bundled up and stepped outside for a quick walk along the waterfront; cuddling to keep one another warm in the season’s crisp air. It was the perfect opportunity to take out the drone and get some aerial shots of the pair before warming back up in the kitchen with espresso in monogrammed his & her mugs.

Congratulations to Alyssa + Paul (times two)! May you enjoy your engagement, filled with laughter and exciting new memories in your new home.

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