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Wedding Rings

Join us on Sunday, Dec 18 at St Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church in Oakville for family Christmas photos.

  • Location: St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Maple Grove Room.
  • Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Each registered family will get a 10-15 minutes photo session. 
  • You’ll receive digital copies of the photos shared via a private online gallery.
  • Suggested donation is $100 or more (photo session valued at $175+hst)
  • All proceed will be donated to humanitarian support in Ukraine.


Ooooops! I think I’m in trouble…;) I borrowed the bride and the groom’s wedding rings during the wedding reception. When everyone was busy dancing I dropped the rings in my water glass. In search for them I placed two small LED light I bought from Canadian Tire around the glass so I can see better, but everything was bright and shiny. I had to add some color gels in front of the LED light and steered the water to get bubbles. Aha! Wedding rings found. I dried them and returned them to the couple safely. I think everyone will live happily ever after now..;)

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