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Perla + Mena | Coptic Wedding


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Coptic Wedding by Burlington Wedding Photographer

When I photograph weddings I’m always fascinated by how couple’s demeanour have profound influence on the overall wedding atmosphere. So far all the weddings that I photographed were beautiful and unique in their own ways. Perla and Mena’s wedding this past weekend in Kitchener was no exception in this regard. There was, however, one defining quality about this coptic wedding that quickly set it apart… It was Easy Going, in singular and all encompassing way that’s how I would describe it. And for that it was Beautiful in every way… Beautiful Perla and Handsome Mena, beautiful and elegant wedding dress, elegant classic men suits and fashionable bridesmaids gowns. Lavishly decorated church, elaborate Egyptian Coptic Wedding ceremony and warm reception at Carmen’s wedding venue in Hamilton. Not a surprise for this Burlington wedding photographer who is familiar with most wedding venues in the area. And yet, what I really enjoyed was how easy going and gracious Perla and Mena were on their wedding day, no rush, no stress, no strict agenda (NOT EVEN SPEACHEES. Wooohoo!), and plenty of time allocated for photography allowing this burlington wedding photographer breathing time to personalize and craft meaningful images for the entire family.

It was such a beautiful day with many family moments of  laughter and celebration. Mena & Perla have such a genuine and passionate love for one another that is hard to miss or not appreciate. Thank you for making my wedding photography work easy, meaningful and rewarding. I wish you a lovely lovely and awesome honey moon in Jamaica. Can’t wait to share the wedding photos with you after you return. 

Wedding Ceremony: St. Mary’s Coptic Orthodox Church in Kitchener
Bride’s Hair & Makeup: Sonia Ryan & Co.
Wedding Venue: Carmen’s Banquet Hall

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