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burlington wedding photographer_flower girl
I appreciate my short memory! When photographing a wedding I’m on the go. Really! On the go with little or no time to review the photos I am capturing. I even forget to eat or drink sometimes. My partner has to remind me that my body needs fuel. Remembering every single shot I took at the wedding is near impossible and there are times when I’m shooting from the hip without even looking through the viewfinder. When culling the photos later I discover hidden gems of moments I had forgotten about. The above photo from a wedding I photographed in Toronto recently is a good example. The Bride is standing at the door getting ready to proceed to the Limo. The flower girls stood there waiting for the Bride. One was happy, another shy and a couple seemed a bit confused not sure what to do. The flower girl peeking from behind the wall was waiting for a signal from her mom behind me. I felt the moment and I snapped a few shots, but totally forgot I have done that untill I “discovered” it later during the culling.

My culling process is simple. I look at each and every photo and ask these questions:
1- Does the photo has an emotional impact? If YES. The photo is selected even if it’s technically imperfect.
2- Does the photo tell a story? If YES. The photo is selected even if it’s technically imperfect.
3- Is there anyone or anything in the photo that is important to the client? If YES. The photo is selected even if it’s technically imperfect.
4- Is the photo technically ok? If No and it doesn’t meet any of the above requirement then I reject it.

The last thing I worry about is how technically “correct” is the image. Strong photographs with emotional impact, stories and meanings are selected first. I often find real gems in the culling process, which I enjoy as much as photographing on location. It’s like reliving the moments again and discovering more than what my short memory remembers. Cheers to my short memory 🙂 I celebrate your imperfection!

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