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So here is a thought that came to me as I was driving back home after photographing Kathy and Graham’s wedding at the Glenerin Inn in Mississauga this past Friday. “Was it selfish of me to want to capture this photo (above)? that may or may not necessarily represent the couple’s personalities?”

Kathy and Graham were not a typical couple. They cared least about the “formalities” of a wedding day photos, the latest fashion style or what’s hip and trendy according to the latest wedding magazine or blog. The entire wedding was elegant, beautiful, fun. The location was cozy and intimate. Kathy chose me specifically for my candid, photojournalistic approach to telling stories through photography. “I want you to capture personalities and family candidly. No posed pictures and certainly no pictures of the dress hanging by a window please” Kathy insisted. I was excited to hear that. I love photographing weddings with a photojournalistic, candid approach. I appreciate any style and I am capable and have experience in directing (posing) people, but my most favorite style remains candid and unobtrusive. So I looked forward to photograph Kathy’s wedding in a style that fits my artistic vision.

I photographed the entire wedding candidly (will post photos from the wedding later) but minutes before I left the wedding I saw the “opportunity” to create a “nice” romantic photo through the window (photo above). I went to Kathy and Graham and made the proposal. The couple were very accommodating and willing. I set my light and settings on my camera, told Kathy and Graham were to stand and what to do “posed them”, went outside and took the photo. It took two minutes. The couple went back to the dance floor and I was on my way home.

The thought came to mind as I was driving. How much of a self indulgence was it to capture a “posed” photo for a Bride and a Groom who didn’t want posed photos? Does the “opportunity” for a “nice” photo justify taking it? Or can this be considered a creative license since the couple trusted my creativity? I’m curious to hear your thoughts.


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