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A Canadian Icon + Elvis Stojko

Elvis Stojko portrait

I had the privilege of meeting the Canadian World Champion in Figure Skating, Elvis Stojko, yesterday. A very inspiring and friendly athlete. After a brief chat with Elvis and hearing all about what he is up to these days I realized that I shouldn’t be saying “I’m busy” as much as I do. The man has a billion things going on. He is very involved in the sports world, in acting, writing, music, speaking at events, and coaching young Canadian athletes. My take away from a brief chat with Elvis is to keep focused, determined, acknowledge my mistakes and to remember that inspirations come from the little things in life. I won’t be trying Figure Skating anytime soon, but the focus is certainly an ever-growing skill for this photographer..:) Thank you Elvis for the opportunity to produce your portrait, for the friendly conversation and for your pleasant personality. Cheers!

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