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Don Mills Shops Engagement Photos | Anna & Eddie

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When this beautiful Lebanese couple asked me to do their engagement photo shoot, I knew it would be an opportunity to create interesting visuals – for starters, take the location! Eddie and Anna chose The Shops at Don Mills as the spot for their first date…and now their engagement shoot! They tell me they often go there to just hang out and enjoy ice cream – and probably shopping too? I have to admit, when I first arrived to the location I was a bit nervous. The place was filled with people, the glaring sun created harsh shadows and the surroundings were not particularly inspiring. Despite all that Anna & Eddie’s pleasant personalities “brightened” up the scene. Anna has that incredible Middle Eastern beauty with lovely bright and strong eyes, so I wanted to highlight this as best as possible. Eddie is elegant and natural in front of the camera. I experimented with shadows and just as the sun was going down, we came across a construction zone with a purple wall – so we used it! I wanted to create high-contrast imagery and I love the results. Just a lovely couple – it was so much fun to capture these moments with them. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Eddie and Anna, I look forward to photographing your Wedding Day celebration in August at the beautiful Chateau Le Jardin wedding venue.

In Anna’s own words about the engagement photo shoot experience:

“Hi Moussa! Oh my goodness, Eddie and I had a blast! We could have kept going!!! Thank you to both you and Roy for your creativity and professionalism.  We can’t wait to see the results!!!”

In Eddie’s own words after picking up the engagement photos:

“Thank you very much for having us over and going through those amazing shots with us! We had a blast with you guys, and are even more excited now for the big day :D”

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