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Christmas Gift Ideas | Family Portraits


Here is a special Christmas gift idea that can help with your holiday planning. As a Burlington Wedding and Family Photographer I can tell you that memories are an important part of all our lives. Old letters, photographs, scrapbooks, and many other things help us to recall our past and the history of our family and communities.  

At Christmas time, we all face the dilemma of what Christmas gift ideas to get our family members, friends or employees. As we all know – less is more when giving at Christmas…we don’t need more stuff – but we can never have too many portraits or photos of special events and family gatherings. What a special Christmas gift idea it would be to give a family portrait session to those you care about!

Also an important aspect for ensuring the long term survival of important photos is to print them out physically and to keep the prints in a safe place – what better place than in the hands of your parents and relatives?

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