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Simple Wedding at City Hall in Toronto

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This was a very intimate wedding at City Hall in Toronto. Ivana & Abdo had a small gathering of friends and family members to witness their wedding vows to each other. Abdo’s parents who live in Lebanon were not able to make it to the wedding in Canada, but Skype came to the rescue. Here are a couple of my favorite moments from this wedding celebration this past weekend. The happy groom, Abdo (whom I kept calling George on the wedding day – shame on me..:) showing tender affection to his lovely bride Ivana. I absolutely loved Ivana’s wedding dress. I have not seen anything like it before. It has a sophisticated European flare.
The second moment – photo – was when the Best Man held his iPad for Abdo’s family in Lebanon to witness the wedding celebration over Skype. Gotta love technology. In this photo we see Abdo’s mother waving and sending sweet kisses to the happy couple. Moments like these at weddings make my day.
Congratulations to the lovely couple Abdo and Ivana. I will be inquiring about the bride’s dress (where she bought it from and who designed it?) when I meet with them again to deliver the wedding photos in a few days.

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