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Oakvile, Bronte Harbour Engagement Photos | Jennifer + Jeff | Wedding



"She's a keeper!"...

“She’s a keeper!”…


She’s a Keeper!…

Jennifer and Jeff love to fish… Whenever they can get away from their daily grind, they grab their gear and head to Muskoka lakes. However, this time I asked them to try their luck near Bronte Harbour just west of Oakville. Upon arrival Jennifer and Jeff quickly took out their fishing rods, nets, bucket and entire box of fancy lures. Some of them came in their own fishy sauce…I kidd you not:). To tell you the truth, I don’t think the fish in Bronte Harbour were not impressed by all this trickery enough to take a bite. And maybe they were right… After all, didn’t those two already got their “biggest catch”?…;)

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