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Mayor Hazel McCallion at her home garden

Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mayor Hazel McCallion

Mayor Hazel McCallion.

Happy Birthday Mayor Hazel McCallion. Reaching 100 years this Feb. A remarkable woman whose leadership and contribution to her community are too many to list. 

I had the honor of visiting and photographing Mayor McCallion at her home in Mississauga a couple of years ago with journalist Lorna Dueck. 

The visit felt like a visit with my grandmother who proudly led us into her backyard, showed us the chair she painted and spoke about the joy she gets from working in the garden. Homemade cake, prepared earlier that day, was quickly presented after entering the house. Modest, filled with family pictures and souvenirs she collected over the years. 

After a short visit to Mccallion’s Church and a brief encounter with the legendary Canadian Hockey Icon Paul Henderson, we had a brief stop at BraeBen Golf Course for a nice view of Mississauga, the city Hazel McCallion served as a Mayor for many years. 

Happy Birthday Mayor Hazel Mccallion. 

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