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winter engagement photos at Dundurn Castle hamilton

Winter engagement photos at Dundurn Castle in hamilton | with Cristina & Bobby.

Winter engagement photos! You’re probably wondering. Can those be fun? Winter engagement photo sessions can be fun and romantic. With a good plan and timing, the winter chill shouldn’t keep you from getting outdoors and enjoying time together. Go ahead and use the photo session as an excuse to cuddle up extra close to each other and enjoy some sweet moments while I capture them.

Cristina and Bobby did just that at this recent winter engagement photo session. Our chosen locations were the Dundurn Castle in Hamilton and a cozy Starbucks in downtown Dundas, Ontario.

Scroll down to see more images and read Tips on how to plan for a winter engagement photo session.

Winter engagement photos at Dundurn Castle in hamilton | Tips

Winter engagement photo sessions can be tricky if not planned right. Here is what I suggest when planning for a winter engagement photo session to avoid an unpleasant experience and get memorable images you’ll cherish:

  • Time it right! An overcast day is perfect for soft flattering light. The session can be scheduled any time that day. If it’s a sunny day have the photo shoot an hour, or so before sunset. The glowing sun rays hitting the snow will make it sparkle and bring a warm cozy feeling to your images. Avoid at all cost strong windy days. It’s not worth it and you won’t look good in the pictures.
  • Bring blankets. Whenever you feel cold, and you will, wrap yourselves with blankets and cozy up. I’ve captured some amazing candid photos during winter engagement shoots of couples wrapped up in blankets. These tend to be natural and genuine moments of two in love. No makeup or fancy outfit can replace the sweet connections. Accessories as you wish, colorful hats, mittens and scarves add vibrancy and fun to your winter engagement photos.
  • Take breaks. Wether it’s a quick run to your car or a 5min break in a nearby cafe, taking breaks helps avoid the chill and keeps you going longer. If your location is in a rural area bring hot tea, coffee or even wine in a thermos.
  • Enjoy it. As a photographer, I can take care of all the technical elements, composition, lighting and directing you to get the best, but if you’re not enjoying the session and having fun it will show. Don’t be afraid to be silly, goof around, dance, and be romantic. This is your time together. Make the most out of it as if no one is around.


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