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Wedding Venue | Saara + Peter | Seasons Restaurant

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Peter & Saara

Have you ever been to a wedding where the ceremony and reception take place at a restaurant? Well, take a chapter from Peter and Saara’s “how-to” book, because it was such a lovely night. Intimate and meaningful, this Lebanese/Egyptian and Polish couple chose their venue well: Seasons Restaurant in Oakville – BTW, fantastic staff and owners! – has a wonderful, warm atmosphere and great food, providing a splendid backdrop for the entire evening. Sometimes a wedding ceremony can feel more formal, but this felt like a large family gathering getting together for a nice meal.

I first met Saara when she tracked me down after seeing my photos of another couple (can’t beat word of mouth!). When the bride-to-be told Saara who the photographer was, Saara called me saying, in no uncertain terms: “I need you no matter what!”.

Peter & Saara, a very happy congratulations to a wonderful couple!

Wedding Details:

Wedding/Reception Venue: Seasons Restaurant, Oakville


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