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Wedding Photography Tips | Lighting | Seasons Restaurant | Oakville Wedding Venue

At the recent wedding of Saara and Peter at Seasons Restaurant in Oakville, we had an interesting lighting challenge: maintaining the low light, cozy atmosphere in the restaurant but at the same time properly exposing the people’s faces.

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter_1
Added colors:

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter_2
Challenge: People too dark.

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter7

Ultimately, I set up two wireless flashes, throwing light at specific corners, along with an umbrella soft box (operated by my assistant, Igor). The soft box lit the people and the lights in the corners added an extra dimension to the room lighting and the overall exposure. Here are photographs from the final results:

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter4

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter_5

Oakville wedding photography_Saara_Peter_6




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