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Wedding at the Atrium

Wedding At Burlington’s Atrium

Although Marianne and Patrick’s Wedding at Burlington’s Atrium Banquet and Conference Center was tight on time, the couple remained laid back and cool headed. It was an emotional, romantic, and heartfelt day, fortified by a strong familial bond. 

Getting Ready & First Look at the Atrium

While the bride prepared at the Atrium’s bridal suite, Patrick and his groomsmen, along with his mother, got ready at a nearby hotel. Brother of the groom assisted with cufflinks and tie, as the rest of the men finished suiting up in the adjacent room. Then, following a toast of rum, they went down to the hotel’s basketball court for some fun and creative photos.

Patrick along with his groomsmen

On the Court

Meanwhile, at the Atrium, Marianne and her family and friends got their hair and makeup done before dressing up. The large bridal suite, situated on the second floor of the building, hosted snacks, champagne, and juice for the bridal party. 

The spacious bridal suite is outfitted with everything you need as you prepare for your wedding. For example, there’s an area with a brightly lit mirror above a small counter, perfect for hair and makeup. There is also a mannequin to hang your wedding dress on. Just beyond the makeup area is a huge curved sofa, opposite a fully functional fireplace. The sofa is so large in fact, that it fit all 8 of Marianne and her bridesmaids!

Wedding At Burlington's Atrium

Marianne next to her sister.

Next, the couple organized the first look on the dance floor of the Atrium beneath the majestic chandelier. With Patrick facing the grand floor-to-ceiling window wall, Marianne walked up behind him and placed her hand on his back. As he turned toward his bride, he was overcome with emotion before embracing her.

Marianne & Patrick's first look

Marianne behind Patrick during their first look

Botanical Gardens

Between the first look and ceremony, the group headed to the nearby Royal Botanical Gardens for photos. It was a tight timeline with a big bridal party (seventeen people!) as well as a lengthy shot list. The photography team was up for the challenge!

Bridal Party at Royal Botanical Gardens

Having fun along with the bridal party

The bridal party had a blast taking the various photos, which is undoubtedly evident in the final images. At the same time as the solo couple shots, the second shooter stayed behind with the rest of the group for additional photos, including individual portraits. Marianne had a poster-sized laminated wedding photo of her late parents, which she held lovingly in some portraits – a beautiful way to honour their memory.

Back to the Venue

There, back at the Atrium, the couple’s siblings presented them with heartfelt gifts from their families. In honour of both of Marianne’s parents, as well as Patrick’s father, the gifts included photos of each individual family member within a miniature frame, along with a cross. While the bride attached hers onto her bouquet, the groom pinned his on the inner left lapel of his jacket.

Special gift to honour the memory of loved ones

Most importantly, a special gift.

Shortly thereafter, everyone moved to the first floor to prepare for the procession. At the altar, prior to officially commencing the ceremony, the bride and groom lit candles in memory of their loves ones who had passed. The service was emotional, including both tears and laughter.

After the Ceremony

Before the reception, the guests all piled behind the newlyweds in the Atrium’s lobby, and up along the stairs for a group photo. Then, the celebrations kicked off with the bridal party dancing their way into the ballroom, followed by the Mr. and Mrs.

Undoubtedly close siblings.

After Patrick’s mother-son dance, rather than a father-daughter dance, Marianne’s brother led her to the dance floor. Shortly thereafter, as the brother and sister danced, the two were swarmed by the rest of their siblings for emotional support. The reception, in similar fashion as the ceremony, was also emotional and heartfelt. Finally, at the end of the night, the couple went outside next to the trees for some night shots.

Night photography outside the Atrium

Wedding photography at night

Despite the day being tight on time, the couple was relaxed and cool-headed during their wedding at Burlington’s Atrium. While you can never plan enough for your big wedding day, there will always be some unforeseen hurtles, whether big or small. The important thing is to roll with it, continue having fun, and make the most of your situation – you’ll laugh at it in the future. 


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