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Niagara Vineyard Wedding Venue | Kelly + Alex | Wedding

Join us on Sunday, Dec 18 at St Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church in Oakville for family Christmas photos.

  • Location: St. Joseph Ukrainian Catholic Church in the Maple Grove Room.
  • Time: 10:00 am to 3:00 pm.
  • Each registered family will get a 10-15 minutes photo session. 
  • You’ll receive digital copies of the photos shared via a private online gallery.
  • Suggested donation is $100 or more (photo session valued at $175+hst)
  • All proceed will be donated to humanitarian support in Ukraine.



On Aug 9 2014, early morning I packed my gear and headed to Niagara on The Lake to photograph Kelly and Alex’s wedding day celebration… Right from the beginning I knew this shoot will be different than others, entire party  was being held outdoors, blazing sun not withstanding. As picturesque as sunny weather is, it poses unique challenges to photographers. Bright sun causes very uneven lighting, on one side subjects are very brightly lit while on opposite side deep shadow is created. As even best cameras today are not as sophisticated as human eye, add the “whiteness” of the wedding dress and these conditions make photographers sweat even when the day is cool, this one wasn’t…;) So, how do I make this wedding look as good as all the indoor wedding I shot?… It all came to overpowering the sun, literally. Using my speedlights  I was always in control how much light reaches camera. Using flashes all the time on a bright sunny day drew a few curious stares from photography oriented guests at the reception which was held at the beautiful Kurtz Orchards, but its really the only way to get the images I’m proud I got.

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