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Toronto Engagement Photography + Franco & Rosemary

Toronto Couple Engagement Photos in downtown Toronto + Graffiti Alley.

A collection of Rosemary & Franco’s engagement photos in a Graffiti Alley in downtown Toronto. This is the same place where Ric Mercer does his “rant” on CBC Television. When I first suggested the location to Franco and Rosemary they weren’t sure it was suitable. Rosemary confessed “Graffiti! I’m not sure about that!”. I held my breath for a couple of weeks and hoped that this Toronto young couple will see the “artistry” and colors in my vision for their engagement photo shoot location. I wasn’t even sure it will turn out well, but I was willing to take the risk and give it a try.
When I first arrived there I felt a bit overwhelmed by the colors. My biggest fear was that the striking colors will probably take the attention away from the couple, the main attraction. I was also afraid I might not notice some weird, unpleasant messages and end up capturing them in the frame. That wouldn’t be complimentary and I’ll have to do a lot of “photoshopping” on the photos, which I don’t enjoy much..;) I’d rather capture decent images straight out of the camera.
I must say, it turned out very well. The engagement photos came out beautiful. The Graffiti added a very nice backdrop to Franco and Rosemary’s youth and pleasant personalities. Franco and Rosemary picked up their photos yesterday. They were happy! Yayyyyy! I’m pretty happy with the results too and would recommend this place to any young urban couples looking for a location for their engagement or wedding photography. Congratulations Rosemary & Franco! Thank you for your courage and trust in my craziness. Glad you guys did.

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