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Engagement photo downtown toronto

Engagement photos downtown Toronto with Bushra + Karim

Downtown Toronto Engagement Photos | Bushra + Karim

Have you ever considered city streets as an option for your engagement photoshoot location?

I get it. It’s not the first place that comes to mind when couples are considering a location for their engagement photo session. The streets of Toronto, or any streets, may not sound exotic, romantic, or fashionable enough for the flashy Instagram-worthy images many seek these days.

I, on the other hand, love it. I’m convinced the streets of a vibrant city, like Toronto,  offer a unique context for an engagement photoshoot. I’d love to convince you to consider the streets, especially downtown Toronto for your engagement photos.

Here are a few reasons why I love downtown Toronto for engagement photoshoots: 


1. Vibrant energy around you.

The busy streets provide vibrant energy around you. People running to work, late to a date, trying to get a taxi, catching a bus, waiting for the signal to cross the street and random passersby discreetly catching a peek at what you’re wearing or because they were simply intrigued by your connection to one another. 
I find that to be adding beautiful visual and vibrant elements to your images. 

2. Interesting Architecture. 

There is no shortage of beautiful architecture and building designs in Toronto. With a bit of creative composition, these can serve as unique backdrops in your images. You’ll get a variety of “sets” and color tones. 

3. A frame from “that time when”. 

Think of it as your own historical document. Perhaps it’s not a common way of thinking about the purpose of an engagement photoshoot, but why not? Why not make that a time frame in your journey as a couple. Imagine a few years after you’re sitting on your couch with your kids commenting on the fashion or how the streets looked at that time. 





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