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engagement photos in hamilton

Hamilton Engagement Photography + Jaime & Dave

Engagement photos in Hamilton | Jaime & Dave

There couldn’t have been a more suitable location for Jaime & Dave’s engagement photoshoot. Both Jaime and Dave are lovers of music. When we first met for a consultation to discuss their wedding photography project and explore ideas and locations for the photoshoot I proposed the beautiful Catherine North Studio in Hamilton as a location. I’ve shot a couple of performances and produced artist portraits in the Studio in the last two years and I’ve been meaning to use the location for an engagement photoshoot. It all came together so wonderfully when Jaime and Dave said “We love the place”. Most of the time was spent by Dave enjoying all the “toys” at Catherine North Studio. The soundboard is apparently a masterpiece…:) Glad you liked it Dave! Jaime, Dave, Igor and I spent about an hour this past weekend selecting print enlargements to be displayed at Jaime and Dave’s Wedding and eventually home. The selection process was as fun as the shoot and the print order is gone today. Can’t wait to see these beautiful art pieces delivered.

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