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Best Wedding Photos | Part I

Best Wedding Photos Part I of II

3 Tips to Get the Best and Avoid Wedding Day Stress!

Best wedding photos are the goal of every wedding photographer!  I know that the bride and groom want their photos to capture their wedding day – not their stress!  To help with this, why not share my many years of experience?  I have pretty much seen it all when it comes to wedding days…but I can tell you planning makes all the difference: Here are 3 Ways to Avoid Wedding Day Stress and Capture the Best Wedding Photos:

  • Harsh Sun

 There are certain times of the day that are best for capturing photos.  The hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset are two optimal times for taking photos of the bride and groom. If you already have plans to have an outdoor wedding in the sun, talk it over with your photographer.  You want to avoid spotty lighting through the trees or the sun in everyone’s eyes. You can visit your venue together to experience what the sun will be like during the time of your wedding.  Your photographer will be able to offer suggestions in which direction your ceremony should be laid out to avoid direct harsh sun and get the best wedding photos.

  • Too Many Locations

Avoid having photos taken at multiple locations. There is a common misunderstanding that couples need to have the most trendy or edgy backgrounds for their wedding day.  I suggest this is done for the engagements session.  The wedding day is already a full day and the time it takes to travel between one location to another adds unnecessary stress.  Let’s focus on the chemistry you have  – not the location.  Trust that your photographer wants to capture you in the best wedding photos possible and that is when you are least hurried and stressed!

  • Leaving the Bride’s Hair and Makeup Until the End

In order to have enough time to take bridal portraits – the bride should get her make-up done first!  She is the star of the show and needs to be ready early so that there is time for all her portraits! I know that the bride wants her makeup to last all day – however hiring the right makeup artist with professional products will produce amazing results and this will show up in the final product! Having a timeline that you discuss with your photographer will help to avoid much of the potential stress of your wedding day.  Keep in mind that you need to have an open discussion with your photographer as they want to help you to have the best wedding photos possible.


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